Fuel leak delays NASA's Artemis1 mission

The next Artemis 1 launch attempt could happen as soon as Monday (Sept. 5).

During the Artemis 1 countdown, NASA engineers attempted numerous times to stop the fuel leak.

They attempted to reseat the hydrogen quick disconnect connector by warming the tank connector and chilling it with cold fuel.

The decision to scrub, according to astronaut Victor Glover, was "absolutely the right call."

If NASA is forced to return Artemis 1's SLS rocket to its Vehicle Assembly Building hangar for repairs,

NASA currently has a 90-minute window on Monday to launch Artemis 1, with liftoff scheduled for 5:12 p.m. EDT

If the agency does not try to launch on Monday, it may try again on Tuesday (September 6), but the launch window is narrow, only 24 minutes.

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