Gravity Has Not Changed Across Universe

 The researchers was able to establish the strength of gravity in the past thanks to this phenomena, known as weak gravitational lensing

Astronomers discovered the universe's accelerating expansion more than two decades ago

The international Dark Energy Survey published a paper studying galaxies at distances of up to 5 billion light-years and determining the minor distortions caused by gravity as it warps space-time

Einstein Is Right Again  Gravity Has Not Changed Across The Universe Scientists have been trying to understand dark energy by checking if gravity has always been the same.

The source of this acceleration is unknown; the dominant theory is dark energy, an energy field that spans time and space and exerts a repulsive pressure similar to antigravity.

conducted one of the most exact tests of Albert Einstein's theory of General Relativity to date while gazing at immense cosmic distances

Because we don't have much strong data on what dark energy does, competing theories propose that our theory of gravity is imperfect and that gravity may be slightly different at greater scales.

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