The best graphics mod for GTA 5 is now available for free download.

Most'realistic graphics' mods make games look worse, but NaturalVision Evolved does not.

Theft Auto 5 mod is a comprehensive overhaul of lighting, textures, models, and much more, but it stays true to the base game's art direction.

You can now download a Single Player Beta of the mod - and even if you don't intend to do so, the trailer below is worth watching.

The effort and editing that went into this "final cinematic trailer" are impressive in and of themselves:

Graphics mods in Grand Theft Auto games are nothing new, with tools like ENBseries and SweetFX allowing modders to hijack the game's renderer and tweak its output

NaturalVision Remastered, an earlier version of the mod, was released five years ago and has been regularly updated since then

 The Single Player Beta is now available for free on the creator's website,

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