Has The Alien World Been Contacted? 

Contact has been made with the Alien World. Apparently so. because signals from various parts of space are continually reaching the planet,

These too have been documented. These novel radio transmissions differ from the conventional Fast Radio Burst (FRB).

For 91 hours, scientists continuously observed the radio telescope pointed in the same direction as the transmissions.

These signals are being sent to us from a galaxy far, far away. FRB 20201124A is the name of the location where the signals are coming from.

The Chinese Five Hundred Meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope has captured them (FAST).

Astronomer Heng Shu of Peking University in China is examining these signals. According to Heng Shu, there is a magnetar.

or This radio signal is being sent by a neutron star in that galaxy that has a strong magnetic field.

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