How to Lock Colors in Splatoon 3

In the incredibly colourful game Splatoon 3, rival teams compete to cover and control the map with their respective colour ink.

Although it's a nice idea, the game may be challenging to understand if you can't tell the colours apart.

In Splatoon 3, it's only normal for ink to splatter all over the place. These hues can occasionally be a little too difficult to discern from one another.

The procedure to lock colours in and make the game easier to play is as follows:

Fortunately, you can get past that obstacle in Splatoon 3 by learning how to lock the colours.

Go to the menuYour controller's X button will launch the menu.
Navigate to the "Options" menu by pressing the L or R buttons.

To access the "Other" area, scroll down and press the Control Stick or D-Pad.
Press A to toggle Color Lock to the On position after selecting it. When playing online, this will lock the ink colours.

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