How to Discover Life on Mars

the "universal" characteristics of life on Earth, such as the twenty amino acids used to make proteins and the DNA and RNA used to store genetic information,

Mars was similar to Earth in its early days. Both were warm and wet rocky planets with a carbon dioxide-dominated atmosphere.

If life could begin and evolve on one planet, it could have begun and evolved on the other as well, albeit not in the same way.

The search for life on Mars should be the driving force behind the mission. However, NASA has not set this as a goal.

Our space agency last conducted experiments to identify signs of living microbes on the planet in 1976.

NASA has decided not to look for current life on Mars, despite the fact that tools to detect life have been available to the agency for the past twenty years.

NASA's existing Mars rovers are being directed to avoid areas that are most likely to harbour life.

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