'Imminent' Collision of Two Black Holes

For NASA's 2020 Mars Exploration Mission, the Jezero Crater, which is located north of the Martian equator, was a key objective.

The light variations of the SDSS J1430+2303 galaxy suspiciously resemble two supermassive black holes with a combined mass of around 200 million Suns.

that, according to a report by ScienceAlert, are about to collide with one another.

Although J1429+2303 might be the best opportunity we've had to date to see two supermassive black holes collide,

The specifics of its nature are still unknown to astronomers. As a result, researchers will need to continue observing the galaxy.

The first indication of two black holes colliding was found in 2015. as a result of gravitational waves

Since then, other detections have been made as a result of the tremendous events that caused ripples in space-time.

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