Israel Issues ‘F-35 Warning’ To Iran

On September 6, Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid visited the Nevatim airfield,

which houses a squadron of cutting-edge F-35 fighter jets operated by the Israeli Air Force (IAF), and conveyed a warning to Iran.

Iran will learn about Israel's long arm and capabilities if it keeps testing us. We will continue to fight terrorism and anyone who would do us harm on all fronts, 

he declared. He said that it was too early to determine whether the nuclear agreement was being obstructed in the video speech.

In a brief remark in front of an F-35 Lapid said, "Israel is prepared for every threat and every situation, but it is yet too early to know  we have actually succeeded in halting the nuclear accord.

However, the US apparently told Jerusalem that the deal was off the table for the time being barely a day after the Prime Minister's vehement remarks. 

 A nuclear agreement between Iran and other powers won't be reached any time soon, top US officials warned Israel's Yair Lapid.

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