James Web Telescope finds carbon dioxide 

"This discovery is from a small percentage of monitoring time," he stated. "This is the first chapter of an exoplanets book we'll write in the following months."

This is the first clear proof of carbon dioxide in a faraway planet's atmosphere.

 "Everyone was stunned. The telescope works better than expected

The results show the telescope's ability to spot critical components like carbon dioxide in exoplanets, particularly smaller, cooler, rocky planets, providing insights into the composition

First carbon dioxide finding ushers in a new age of extraterrestrial science.

Jacob Bean, a UChicago astronomer who co-leads the team analysing new telescope exoplanet data, said, "Holy cow" when he first saw the data.

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope captured evidence of carbon dioxide in a planet's atmosphere 700 light-years from Earth.

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