Jupiter's true colors seen in NASA JUNO

NASA's Juno Jupiter spacecraft has snapped a new picture that displays features in the tumultuous atmosphere.

the same colours as a human viewer would see them on the largest planet in the solar system.

Using its JunoCam instrument, Juno captured the picture on July 5, 2022, during its 43rd close flyby of Jupiter.

When the photograph was taken, the spacecraft was located 3,300 miles (5,300 kilometres) from the gas giant's cloud tops.

Björn Jónsson, a citizen scientist, created two photos using the raw data from Juno.

The picture on the left depicts the scene as it would seem to a person standing in Juno's shoes.

Jónsson digitally improved colour saturation and contrast in the picture to the right.allowing the complex atmosphere of the planet to be clearly seen.

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