Kirby Dream Buffet a sugarsweet fun game

"Kirby's Dream Buffet" may actually be the nth game collection, but in the test, it proves to be sugar-sweet entertainment for kids and adults alike.

Kirby just realised it! The sequel to the popular video game "Kirby and the Lost Land" is our favourite pink ball's subsequent journey on the Nintendo Switch.

And this manifests as a selection of short games centred on the creature that devours practically everything.

Speaking of unexpected: The game is available on the Nintendo eShop for just over 15 euros.

"Kirby's Dream Buffet" transports you to a land filled of sweets, satisfying your insatiable appetite.

Preferably with extremely basic control choices, and preferably also in pink or at least other bright colours.

Additional content that can be unlocked is listed in a separate menu item; the majority of it will launch while you play.

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