last member of a tribe in Brazil has died

The last member of a Brazilian tribe has died, bringing attention to Indigenous rights.

The last member of a tribe of Indigenous people who were being hunted down in Brazil has died of what seems to be natural causes. 

Activists point to his legacy as a sign of both the genocide and the strength of his people. They want his land to be kept as a reminder of both of these things.

The man's death was announced over the weekend by Funai, the federal agency for Indigenous affairs in Brazil

He was the only person living in the Tanaru Indigenous Territory in the state of Rondonia, which is in the western Amazon.

His race, language, and name are still unknown. But because he was so different and had lived alone for so long, he became known in Brazil and beyond

He was called "The Man of the Hole" because he dug deep ditches, sometimes with sharp stakes in them. In 2018, a government team took a video of him cutting down 

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