LEGO Promises 77 Trillion Characters

The new trailer demonstrates the Brawler Builder tool, demonstrating how you may modify every aspect of your fighter.

they threw them into battle with their hats down to their feet.

Battling with your malicious minifigure will be the best way to unlock new parts — so why not do it in style?

With all of the configurations, LEGO Brawls will provide more than 77 trillion customising possibilities.

Although using the phrase "the opportunities are unlimited" may be excessive, we believe that a figure this high comes close to describing the character builder.

It appears that LEGO Brawls will allow you some interesting customization, whether you want to stick with the original style or turn into a dungaree-clad skeleton boxer.

in an effort to set it apart from a genre that is already crowded. Just be cautious when barefoot walking around with all those pieces out there.

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