In order to provide players more options, LG Electronics (LG) is broadening the gaming experience on its most recent TVs by integrating additional cloud-gaming services.

These most recent updates demonstrate LG's ongoing dedication to bringing gamer-focused content and features to its sector-leading TVs.

Cloud gaming platforms make gaming more accessible than ever because they don't require a PC, console, or game installations.

In September and November, respectively, Blacknut and Utomik Cloud will launch on LG TVs, bringing a variety of titles including vintage AAA games,

More than 500 PC and console games, the widest selection of premium content for the entire family, and up to five player profiles are all available 

In the world of cloud gaming, the Blacknut library has the biggest selection of racing and sports games.

but also widely popular games from Disney, including Overcooked, Metro Exodus, and other highly praised titles.

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