Ligado 5G could be ‘harmful’ to Pentagon

WASHINGTON — The plan by Ligado Networks to build a terrestrial 5G network may endanger certain existing U.S.

According to a report released on Friday that was required by Congress, the Defense Department uses satellites.

The business is getting ready to launch system operationalization as early as next month.

The National Academies of Sciences assessment, which the Pentagon sponsored, stated that when Iridium Communications' 

terminals are within 2,401 feet of Ligado's terminals, "harmful interference" will occur to the department's satellite services.

Additionally, it concluded that the Ligado terrestrial network is "unlikely to face significant interference" with satellite systems offered by Iridium rival Globalstar.

According to a representative for Ligado, Ashley Durmer, the research indicates that the business' "licenced and permitted operations may co-exist with GPS."

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