‘Lizzo Playing James Madison's Flute’

Lizzo has upset US Conservatives because she plays the flute. Granted

It's a flute, but it's not just any flute; it's a crystal instrument made to honour James Madison's second term in office.

During her concert in Washington, the pop star was invited by Congress Librarian Carla Hayden to play a few notes on the 200-year-old flute.

James Madison, a president who owned slaves, once had this flute. And right now, it's being performed by this stunning,

Unsurprisingly, Black celebrity Lizzo, who is openly body-positive, frequently enrages those who want to uphold the existing quo.

Fans of Lizzo responded to stand-up comedian Aries Spears' criticism of the pop artist by applauding him.

She had the "sh*t emoji" look. Aries was questioned about his opinions about Lizzo's music on the Art of Dialogue podcast.

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