Microsoft deliver HoloLen to US military

Microsoft's HoloLens project has received its first order from the U.S. military, ending years of dispute.

According to a story from Bloomberg published on Thursday, Microsoft will give the military the first batch of its Integrated Visual Augmentation System (or IVAS) goggles.

For soldiers serving in the field, the goggles include a heads-up display and night vision capabilities.

based on improvements to the current HoloLens augmented reality system from Microsoft

Microsoft declined to respond when Mashable contacted the business.

Nearly four years ago, in late 2018, Microsoft first agreed to work with the military to create HoloLens goggles with combat modifications.

Alex Kipman, the inventor of the augmented reality (AR) spectacles, left Microsoft in June after being accused of sexual harassment, so the HoloLens division has also experienced some instability.

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