Microsoft Goggles Win US Army Approval

Microsoft Corp.'s high-tech battle goggles are being delivered to the US Army in their initial shipment following promising field testing results.

Some of the 5,000 pairs of goggles have been "approved for the Army to begin accepting," according to Assistant Secretary for Acquisition Douglas Bush, according to spokesman Jamal Beck.

Due to concerns regarding the device's performance, their delivery had been delayed until more thorough testing had been done.

The service "is altering its fielding strategy to allow for time to address flaws and also field to units that are focused on training activities,"

The Integrated Visual Augmentation System, or IVAS, from Microsoft is anticipated to give American ground personnel a "heads-up display,"

The device, which is a modified version of Microsoft's HoloLens glasses,

To add capabilities like night vision, commanders project information onto a visor in front of a soldier's face.

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