NASA's Artemis 1live in a 360-degree VR 

You can participate in a live ringside experience for NASA's Artemis 1 moon mission this week, which is getting ready to launch into space.

360-degree virtual reality will be used in "Artemis Ascending" to give users the impression that they are standing close to the Artemis 1 expedition.

as it doesn't take off before Monday (Aug. 29). Virtually see NASA's most potent rocket launch ever.

the Orion spacecraft is launched to the moon by the Space Launch System (SLS) megarocket

With the launch, Felix&Paul Studios wants to reach viewers with Oculus Quest headsets (opens in new tab)

Visit the Space Explorers Facebook page to view it (opens in new tab). Beginning at 7:33 A.M. EDT, the event (1133 GMT)

There are 200 domes and planetariums across the world where you can view it as well.

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