NASA awards SpaceX $1.4 billion

Five more astronaut teams will be able to wear the recognisable white SpaceX flight suits.

Five additional astronaut trips to the International Space Station (ISS) have just been assigned by NASA to SpaceX as part of a new $1.4 billion agreement.

It amends an existing contract between the two parties.

The agreement, which will use Falcon 9 rockets and SpaceX's Crew Dragon spacecraft, "allows NASA to preserve an unbroken U.S. capability."

NASA officials stated in a statement released today (August 31) that human access to the space station would not end until 2030. (opens in new tab).

The agreement will cover the Crew-10 through Crew-14 missions, or roughly 20 spacecraft seats in all.

Currently, SpaceX is the only business recognised by the agency to conduct operational crewed missions.

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