NASA Captures Jupiter's True Colors

Undoubtedly more amazing than its colourful version is a picture of the gas giant that is boring beige in tone.

Most of the time, scientists embellish their pictures of space with aesthetic embellishments.

This isn't only for fun (although it is rather entertaining), but also to emphasise how raw planetary views may be enhanced by a small amount of colourizing.

This indicates that, despite NASA's James Webb Space Telescope's best efforts to persuade us to believe otherwise,

There is nothing like warm, melted toffee about the Carina Nebula. Contrary to what the primary school texts claim

Venus is not a sphere that is bright yellow. Sadly, the Veil Nebula is not an iridescent rainbow worm, unlike what the Hubble Space Telescope claims.

the left portion of the image below, which was captured by NASA's Juno mission. It roughly resembles Jupiter's surface.

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