NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover is still operational.

Curiosity has travelled nearly 18 miles (29 kilometres) and climbed 2,050 feet (625 metres) as it investigates Gale Crater.

The rover used a suite of science instruments to analyse 41 rock and soil samples.

The mission of Curiosity was recently extended for another three years, allowing it to remain in NASA's fleet of important astrobiological missions.

The radiation sensor on the rover allows scientists to calculate the amount of high-energy radiation that future astronauts would be exposed to on the Martian surface.

The brave rover is driving through a canyon that marks the beginning of a new region.

The team has used a similar strategy to manage the rover's gradually diminishing power.

“As soon as you land on Mars, everything you do is based on the fact that there’s no one around to repair it for 100 million miles,

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