NASA’s DART Confirmed on Target To Impact Asteroid Dimorphos

the DART investigation team completed a six-night observation campaign using some of the world's most powerful telescopes 

asteroid DART's target. Dimorphos is in orbit around Didymos, its larger parent asteroid.

DART, the world's first attempt to change the speed and path of an asteroid's motion in space

The measurements made by the team in early 2021 were critical for ensuring that DART arrived at the right place and right time for its kinetic impact into Dimorphos,

 If DART is successful in changing Dimorphos' trajectory, the moonlet will move closer to Didymos, shortening the time it takes to orbit it

Didymos and Dimorphos will make their closest approach to Earth in recent years in late September to early October, 

 the DART Investigation Team observed the asteroid system and looked for changes in its brightness using powerful telescopes in Arizona and Chile,

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