NASA mega moon rocket launch delayed

After Saturday's Sept. 3 second launch attempt was cancelled due to an engine leak, NASA's Artemis "mega moon rocket" launch has been pushed back more than a month.

The massive Artemis 1 rocket, which is comprised of the Orion capsule perched atop the 30-story Space Launch System (SLS), will be rolled back to the vehicle assembly building

Following the cancellation of the launch, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson stated that the rocket's next launch window will open in early October

The rocket has been preparing for the first of two test flights that will pave the way for a crewed moon landing as soon as 2025

marking humanity's first trip back to the moon since 1972 and signalling NASA's intent to establish a long-term presence there.

Both Artemis 1 launches have been cancelled due to technical issues. The first attempt was cancelled due to engineers' inability to cool one of the rocket's four core-stage RS-25 engines .

NASA declared that it had resolved the issue, which was caused by a faulty sensor that incorrectly reported the temperature inside the engine as much higher and much further from flight readiness

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