NASA Rover making oxygen on Mars

NASA has released the results of the first seven oxygen generation runs on Mars by its Perseverance Rover.

Carbon dioxide accounts for approximately 95% of the Martian atmosphere, giving Perseverance plenty of material to work with when producing oxygen.

Because of the current conditions on Mars, the team was able to achieve this higher production rate.

The planet is in the midst of winter, when cold nights combined with relatively high atmospheric pressures result in the highest air density of the year.

MOXIE's power supply is currently one of its main limitations. Creating kilogrammes of oxygen every hour will necessitate approximately 25 kilowatts of power.

Only 10% of that power is used to create oxygen; the rest is used to power the compressor that takes in air, the device's electronics, and other things.

The rover has already begun scouting for suitable landing sites for the Mars Sample Return (MSR) Campaign.

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