NASA scientist flies to find meteorite's

Salt Lake City, Utah – People are still looking for souvenirs weeks after a meteor struck the skies over Utah, but one rock hunter isn't interested in where they ended up.

NASA scientist Peter Jenniskens is trying to figure out where they came from.

"We're literally looking for a hole in the ground, yeah," Jenniskens explained aboard the KSL-TV Chopper-5.

He's attempting to follow the path of a meteor that crashed into Utah last month in the hopes of locating the fragments that fell through the Salt Flats.

it appears that something was dug up here, implying that a meteorite fell at this location." Jenniskens makes a remark while exploring the Earth.

 no rock was discovered, only an empty hole. However, this information aids Jennisken's main goal.There's a big arrow pointing that way, he said, surveying the Salt Flats.

Jenniskens isn't concerned with the cost of locating a piece of the meteorite or even its composition. He wants to know where it came from and what he can learn from millions of years of data.

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