NASA will fix the SLS pad hydrogen leak.

 NASA will attempt to repair a liquid hydrogen seal that caused a Space Launch System scrub on the pad, leaving open the possibility of a new launch attempt later this month.

NASA said in a statement late Sept. 6 that technicians will proceed with plans to replace the seal for the interface known as the quick disconnect between a liquid hydrogen feed line .

That work will be done on the pad rather than rolling the vehicle back to the Kennedy Space Center's Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB).

A problem with that seal caused a large leak of liquid hydrogen during the core stage's fueling during the Sept. 3 launch attempt, according to officials. 

Several attempts to reseat the quick disconnect, including warming and cooling it as well as applying helium gas pressure to the fitting, failed to stop the leak

NASA cancelled the Artemis 1 launch attempt three hours before the two-hour launch window opened.

NASA officials stated at a press conference following the September 3 scrub that they were considering options to repair the quick disconnect seal 

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