NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover is still operational ten years after landing.

This was the start of the SUV-sized explorer's search for evidence that Mars had the conditions needed billions of years ago to support microscopic life.

Curiosity has travelled nearly 18 miles (29 kilometres) and climbed 2,050 feet in the last ten years.

The Mars rover has examined 41 rock and soil samples, using a suite of scientific instruments to learn what they reveal about Earth's rocky sibling.

Its success has prompted a team of engineers to devise methods to reduce wear and tear while keeping the rover moving.

The roving explorer has studied the skies of Mars, photographing shining clouds and drifting moons.

Curiosity has discovered that liquid water, as well as the chemical building blocks and nutrients required for life, exist.

The Curiosity team intends to spend the next few years investigating the sulfate-rich region. They have goals in mind for it.

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