NASA's device can make oxygen on Mars

The little box, developed by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and MIT, produces enough oxygen to equal the production of a small tree on Earth, and it can do so both during the day and at night.

NASA's toaster-sized device makes oxygen on Mars.The gadget transforms Mars' CO2 into oxygen, paving the stage for human exploration.

NASA's much-anticipated and controversial Artemis moon mission is seen as a stepping stone to Mars exploration in the next decade or two

what explorers have done since time immemorial," said Jeffrey Hoffman, a former NASA astronaut who is the MOXIE mission's deputy principle investigator and a professor of aeronautical engineering

the experiment, which is part of NASA's Perseverance Rover Mission, which will land on Mars in February 2021, is the first time resources from another planet have been converted .

Human exploration of Mars is being pushed by space agencies, scientists, and entrepreneurs

In a study published this week in Science Advances, MIT researchers revealed that MOXIE can produce oxygen from Mars' plentiful carbon dioxide.

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