New image show the sun face as never before.

A new portrait of our Sun captured in exquisite detail by the world's most powerful solar telescope.

The middle layer of the Sun's atmosphere, known as the chromosphere

looks almost like a shag rug up close and personal to the giant star, with a resolution of just 18 kilometres.

In the image above, bright hairs of fiery plasma can be seen flowing into the corona from a honeycomb-like pattern of pores, which is more easily visualised in the image below.

Granules are the blistering blobs that are about 1,600 kilometres (994 miles) wide.

Each of these portraits is approximately 82,500 kilometres (51,260 miles) wide, representing a single-digit percentage of the Sun's total diameter.

To put the scale of these images into perspective, astronomers superimposed our own planet on top.

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