New York to restrict gun carrying after Supreme Court ruling

The sprawling Manhattan tourist attraction is one of dozens of "sensitive" locations, including parks, churches, and theatres, that will be gun-free zones.

The Supreme Court has invalidated key provisions of New York's gun laws, joining a half-dozen other states.

However, the quickly enacted law has caused confusion and court challenges from gun owners who claim it violates their constitutional rights.

"They appear to be designed less to address gun violence and more to simply prevent people from obtaining guns."

Applicants for a concealed carry permit must complete 16 hours of classroom training and two hours of live-fire exercises, according to the law.

According to Monroe County Sheriff Todd Baxter, a "clean" candidate's pistol permit background check currently takes two to four hours.

He estimates that the new law will add one to three hours to each permit. There are approximately 600 pending pistol permits in the county.

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