One word a day – DART, the space mission

The first test of a technique that might be used to defend Earth from asteroids that might threaten it in the future will be NASA's DART

 This mission is significant because it's the first of its sort. Asteroid news is also common. 

 It's important to take note of any unusual asteroids-related details. Know the ESA's function.

Don't forget to answer the MCQ below. — On September 26 at around 7.14 PM EDT, NASA's DART mission is planned to collide with the asteroid Dimorphos

— NASA's Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) is the first large-scale mission in the world to test technology for shielding Earth from asteroids and comets.

It was launched using a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California's Space Launch Complex 4 East.

Dimorphos, an asteroid measuring 160 metres in width, revolves around Didymos, an asteroid measuring around 780 metres in width.

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