Pathogen polysaccharide export discovered

Washington So far, only two ways for polysaccharides to get out of Gram-negative bacteria, which include some of the most dangerous human pathogens, have been found

a team of researchers has found a completely new third way that polysaccharides are exported.

it will be easier to figure out how many dangerous bacteria protect themselves, move around, and talk to each other

Bacteria not only use sugar as a source of carbon and energy, but they also make and release a wide range of substances called polysaccharides

Polysaccharides are long chains of sugars and are the most common biopolymers on Earth. Long sugar chains are very important to free-living, friendly, and dangerous bacteria. 

They are also important for protecting bacteria because they protect the cells from things like drying out, immune effectors, and predators. 

their ability to stick to surfaces and make structures helps them colonise surfaces and form biofilms

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