Pokemon Go fans demand better events and Shiny debuts during Season of Light

Season of Go, Pokemon Go's summer event, recently concluded, bringing to an end content created in collaboration with the Pokemon Trading Card Game.

 players could catch TCG-themed Pokemon in Special Research and Community Day challenges, as well as celebrate Pokemon Go Fest 2022.

the beginning of 2022, fans have been criticising the mobile app for a lack of event content and changes to quality-of-life updates implemented in 2020.

many players have taken to social media to express their displeasure with the lacklustre Community Day features

During 2022, Pokemon Go had a surprisingly short list of Shiny debuts. While a few Shiny variants were added throughout the summer

Many fans commented on a recent post shared by PokemonGoApp on Twitter, questioning why the Season of Go felt so empty, with so few popular species.

there will be new mons, shinys, and useful raid bosses that aren't nerfed by moves."

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