Preparing the MTG-I1 weather satellite 

At Thales Alenia Space's facilities in Cannes, this remarkable new weather satellite has taken centre stage.

The satellite is currently being checked and prepared for shipment to Europe's Spaceport in Kourou.

On September 28, the ship carrying the Meteosat Third Generation Imager-1 (MTG-I1) satellite will set sail from Fos-sur-Mer near Marseille.

MTG-I1 has been on display in Thales Alenia Space's cleanroom.

The entire MTG system will last more than 20 years and will thus include six satellites, four MTG-I and two MTG-S sounding satellites.

Two MTG-I satellites and one MTG-S satellite will work in tandem to complete the mission.

The full MTG configuration is expected to produce at least 50 times more data than the current geostationary Meteosat Second Generation satellites

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