Russia Developing 6th-Gen Fighter Akin

The fifth-generation Su-57 fighter, a member of Russia's state-owned defence conglomerate, is a step toward the sixth-generation aircraft,

according to Yuri Slyusar, Director General of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC).

The sixth generation, according to Slyusar, "is no more a distinct aircraft, but rather a full system of interaction between air, space, earth, drones, and manned vehicles."

In 2016, Russia made known that it was developing a new sixth-generation fighter aircraft based on concepts offered by the nation's Sukhoi design bureau.

Viktor Bondarev, the then-commander of the Russian Aerospace Forces, said that manned and unmanned variants of a sixth-generation fighter were being built.

Since then, testing of hardware components by Russian defence personnel has been reported.

Radar systems, enhanced electronic warfare, and flight and navigation systems were among of these.

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