science on NASA's Artemis Moon mission

When this happens, it will be the first time humans have travelled beyond low Earth orbit since 1972.

Orion will travel farther than any human-made spaceship and return to Earth 42 days later.

the experiment won't go on just any rocket. It will investigate how yeast genes react to deep-space radiation

The world's most powerful rocket will shortly head for the Moon carrying satellites and radiation experiments.

Luis Zea smiled when discussing his biology experiment on Zoom this month. He was at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida preparing spacecraft.

It will ride NASA's Space Launch System on its first voyage (SLS).

If all goes well, the SLS will launch on August 29 with a tiny, uncrewed capsule that can carry astronauts

NASA wants to fly astronauts to the Moon in the next years using the capsule.

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