Skydio’s secret sauce for making drones smarter, faster is now public

There's no denying that the Skydio drones' brains are impressive. These things are AI and autonomy masters.

Skydio's autonomy team spent five years developing SymForce in an environment where performance and code maintainability are critical.

SymForce allows you to code a problem once, then experiment with it symbolically.

The code generation library can also add components such as 3D geometry types, camera models, noise models, and so on.

While SymForce powers tens of thousands of robots at Skydio, the public library is new and in beta testing.

Its core components are applicable to any domain requiring algorithmic code and can benefit a wide range of audiences, from high school students to tech companies.

You can also visit the Skydio blog to learn more about what makes SymForce so fast and how it can improve derivative computation.

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