SLS ready for first launch

From a vehicle standpoint, everything so far looks good," he said, noting that the strikes were not strong enough to warrant significant system retests.

Spaulding declined to provide specific launch dates for August 29. "I think we're going to look great for tomorrow," he said

the start of a two-hour launch window. Forecasts predict that there will be an 80% chance of acceptable weather at the start of the window, decreasing to 60% at the end.

At a briefing on Aug. 28, agency officials said launch preparations remained on track for the Space Launch System, carrying the Orion spacecraft, to liftoff at 8:33 a.m. Eastern

KENNETH SPACE CENTER, FLORIDA  A launch vehicle that has been in development for over a decade is now less than a day away from attempting to launch for the first time on the Artemis 1 mission.

The only issue teams were concerned about was helium pressure in a ground system that was lower than expected but still within specifications.

The mission's senior NASA test director, Jeff Spaulding, said there were no effects from several lightning strikes near Launch Complex 39B the previous afternoon

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