Soul Hackers 2 Fusing Demons

In Soul Hackers 2, demons are very important because you can use their powers to fight against enemies

stronger demons give you better stats, and you can improve these stats by levelling up these magical creatures with you

In Soul Hackers 2, this guide will show you how to fuse demons. You will also find tips on how to master this part of the game and find the best allies to fight with you as the story goes on.

The ability to fuse demons won't be available at the start of the game; it will be unlocked as you move through the main storyline

Here, he will introduce you to Victor, a scientist who runs the Cirque du Goumaden and knows how to combine demons.

Once you get inside the building, you can talk to Victor and, most importantly, fuse demons

With demon fusion, you can combine two or more demons to make a new, stronger ally. In Soul Hackers 2, there are different ways to combine demons.

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