SpaceX launches 51 Starlink satellites

On Sunday night (Sept. 4), SpaceX launched a space tug and a significant number of its Starlink internet satellites into orbit, as well as a rocket that touched down on a ship at sea.

On Sunday, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched from Florida's east coast's Cape Canaveral Space Force Station.

putting into orbit 51 Starlink broadband satellites.

Sherpa-LTC2, a space tug provided by the Seattle-based company Spaceflight, was a member of Starlink Group 4-20.

A payload for Boeing's Varuna Technology Demonstration Mission is being transported by the tug (Varuna-TDM),

according to SpaceNews, "aims to test V-band communications for a proposed constellation of 147 non-geostationary broadband satellites" (opens in new tab).

A propellant leak forced SpaceX to cancel the first Sherpa-LTC orbital transfer vehicle's scheduled flight in January 2022, according to SpaceNews.

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