Spark Electric Jester 3D platforming

Spark The Electric Jester 3—a mouthful of a title—completes a trilogy of heavily Sonic-inspired platformers by Brazilian solo developer Felipe 'LakeFeperd' Daneluz.

 While I enjoyed the entire trilogy, Spark 3 is the first to transcend its influences and provide Sega with genuine competition.

Much like A Hat In Time and Demon Turf take heavy inspiration from 3D Mario games while doing their own thing, Spark 3 has its own feel while being immediately intuitive if you've played 3D Sonic.

The first key difference is combat. Spark spends most of his time running extremely quickly and bouncing off smaller enemies, but sometimes slows down to engage bigger foes.

Up And down and all around : The pursuit of mastery is as important as the joy of speeding through Spark's brightly coloured sci-fi world. If you rush from the first level to the end credits

The ultimate life form : Spark 3 has some rough edges because it is a small indie production. There are mostly minor bugs and typos, but there are some annoyances, such as graphics options.

The story of Spark 3 is completely skippable if you just want to go fast, but it's a wild ride for better or worse. 

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