Darnaby students at Union speak with an astronaut from the International Space Station.

Darnaby students had a live downlink with astronaut Jessica Watkins via NASA within 20 minutes of the tardy bell ringing on Tuesday morning.

Watkins, the first Black woman in history to spend an extended period of time in space, has been aboard the International Space Station since April.

We can see lightning lighting up the clouds when there is a thunderstorm somewhere on Earth."

Darnaby's third, fourth, and fifth grade classes gathered in the gym for the video call, which featured Watkins on a screen.

Students were chosen to ask questions based on their participation in the school's science programmes.

"Seeing someone on Earth shoot off fireworks would be pretty cool if you were in space," says one.

More than six months ago, the Union Public Schools elementary school applied to NASA for the opportunity to speak with Watkins.

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