Sunspot Directly Facing Magnetic Field

A massive sunspot may explode, blasting off days-long solar flares.Sunspot AR3089 has a delta-class magnetic field and may release X-class solar flares.

NOAA estimates a 5% possibility of an X-class outburst from the sunspot. If it happens, the flare may unleash a severe geomagnetic storm in Earth's atmosphere

Sunspots are black spots on the sun's surface caused by extremely powerful coronal magnetic fields. When these powerful magnetic fields realign, they can produce solar flares

are bursts of electromagnetic radiation, as well as coronal mass ejections, which are massive plumes of solar plasma (CMEs).

Delta-class fields are frequently associated with higher levels of solar activity because they cause very large sunspots with reversed magnetic polarity, according to

Solar flares ejected from sunspots are classed according to the strength of their X-rays: C-class, M-class, and X-class

C-class flares are common and have few visible consequences on Earth, M-class flares are moderate in intensity and may create modest geomagnetic storms, and X-class flares are

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