Survival Evolved, Gloomhaven are free 

The 2017 action-adventure survival videogame Ark: Survival Evolved and the 2021 turn-based cooperative dungeon crawler Gloomhaven

 are both free to download for a week, according to a Thursday tweet from Epic.

Since it first went live on early access back in 2015, Studio Wildcard's survival game focused on dinosaurs has done fairly well for itself,

releasing four paid DLC expansion packs, a number of smaller free expansions, 

Even a follow-up will be released the following year, this time with a single-player campaign

The cooperative board game Gloomhaven's videogame adaption by Flaming Fowl Studios, meantime

has received positive reviews since its early access release. Polygon's own review praised the game's "clean and concise" presentation.

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