"The sun will die," predicts the European Union. Watch what happens.

Scientists predict that the impacts on Earth will occur much sooner.

Because this information may be shocking and intriguing, we have divided the main topics for this study. Continue reading to learn more about the subject.

According to ESA research, the Sun's average age is 4.57 billion years, and the end of its life should be around 10 billion years.

At the moment, the Sun is undergoing a stable nuclear fusion process in which hydrogen and helium nuclei fuse.

The hydrogen will eventually deplete, heating and contracting the core and expanding the Sun's outer atmosphere.

Earth and other planets will be annihilated. This process, which is expected to take 5 billion years or less, will turn the star into a red giant.

When the temperature drops, the Sun will turn into a white dwarf. However, when the two gases in the core of the star run out,

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