This shape shifting Game Boy Nintendo

Gamboy Famicom is a conceptual game device that pays homage to the handheld console, the modular Nintendo Switch, and the cassette-based consoles that came before it

the screen can be docked like a cassette (or Switch) for console-style gaming. The Famicom delivers landscape gameplay in a portrait system. This reduces the Switch's length

I enjoy Game Boy Famicom's feel. Subtle but expressive. Functional and minimal. The Famicom's design isn't 'less' than the Switch because it's complete. Minimalist but detailed controls

A speaker is between the D-pad and XYAB controls. A ring surrounding the D-pad acts as a volume knob, allowing you raise the volume or mute gaming.

Also retro the dock. The Game Boy Famicom's white, grey, and orange colour palette gives it a Teenage Engineering vibe.

It's a conceptual successor to the Nintendo Switch or a Switch from an alternate era without the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP.

This reduces the Switch's length, making it more portable. It's cooler

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