Trio solarflare make blackouts auroras

Powerful solar flares were seen by observers of the space weather between Saturday (August 27) and Monday (Aug. 29),

the most potent of which occurred on Monday at 7:07 a.m. EDT and was an M8-class flare (

According to (opens in new tab). Despite being classified as "mild," M-class flares can nonetheless "produce temporary radio outages."

according to NASA, "near the poles and mild radiation storms that could imperil astronauts" (opens in new tab).

The fourth-strongest solar flare, M, is ranked by scientists among five lettered categories.

On Saturday, sunspot AR3088 produced an M4-class flare (opens in new tab). "The passing impact might ignite G1-class

Apparently, SpaceWeather. According to the website, the same sunspot on Sunday, August 28, unleashed an M6.7-class flare that caused radio blackouts across much of North America.

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