UFC 279 video: Embedded, ‘Stockholm slap’

As usual, Embedded will be there at UFC 279 as well. The programme that provides an inside peek at the star competitors on PPVs

It serves as a brief introduction to the boxers on the main card of this weekend's huge spectacle in Vegas.

Nate Diaz first appears in the first scene at his temporary residence in Vegas, checking it out while Bone Thugs is playing in the background.

Khamzat Chimaev is hitting a speed bag at the Performance Institute. He strikes it several times while muttering "Stockholm slap."

Original. As usual, he plays around while two of his teammates wrestle with him simultaneously.

His trainer remarks on how easily he picks up new information and how fantastic his development has been even since the Burns battle.

The PI is Li Jingliang as well. Since his previous bout in April, he has been in the US with the sole purpose of receiving quality training.

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