Ukraine launch fundraiser in defence

The Ukrainian air force appears to be trying to acquire fighter planes to defend its skies against Russian intruders through a trending social media campaign with the hashtag #buymeafighterjet.

Since Russia invaded the nation in February, Ukraine has been requesting a NATO no-fly zone over its skies or fighter jets to defend itself with.

Last week, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy pleaded with the West once more to give his nation the heavy weapons it needs to battle Russia

with fighter planes being an essential component of that arsenal.

However, Ukraine's allies have not yet delivered the fighter jets. A campaign, reportedly started on April 12, is urging wealthy donors to circumvent 

the political impasse countries are currently facing and purchase fighter jets for the Ukrainian military on their own.

, "Every day we see atrocious war crimes - bombing and shelling of residential buildings, schools, hospitals, and kindergartens."

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